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Radiodays Europe

Hey Jingle lovers! We’re glad you came to the Radiodays 2022 We are very happy to welcome you back at the MalmöMässan and right here at our special RDE 2022 website. Want to trace us in Malmö? Drop us your number at

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Our story

Top Format Productions is proud to produce jingles and audio imaging since the early 70’s! What began as representative of US jingles for a syndicated production such as PAMS and the massive Z100 jingles from JAM Creative Productions in Dallas, now turned into custom made jingles.

We compose, record and deliver right from our jingle headquarters based in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Nowadays we service a diversity of music formats and even have track-record in native languages, from singing in Icelandic to Flemish and Catalan.

Our compositions will lead in a tailored solution and audio strategy for our brand. Our production skills are always one step ahead and even our publishing services are extremely reliable. Top Format works for a competitive and fair pricing that allows you to build your audio strategy and branding custom made.

Just ask for more info at or +31 (0)23 532 06 40!


Play the Top Format Radiodays Europe 2022 jingle reel!


More radio jingles and audio branding?

Check out our jingle section to audition more of our work for stations around the globe and in a broad range of music formats. Contact the Top Format jingle team and we’ll think along with you!